Welcome to Camp-in-Gás, action camp against fossil gas and for climate justice!

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Registration closed.

The registrations for the camp are closed.

For people who did not register, we cannot guarantee food and we cannot guarantee space for tents.

To participate in the workshops, the entrance to Camp-in-Gás is free.

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When to arrive

The action will take place on July 20th, Saturday. The day before, July 19th, is dedicated to action trainings.

Everyone who wants to take part in civil disobedience is invited to arrive to the camp not later than the plenary of Thursday, July 18th, where we will present the action plans.

For families, people without documents and people who simply do not want to participate in civil disobedience, we will have the option of joining an authorized protest. You are invited to the Friday plenary to get more information.

Full programme, here.

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