Transparent Budget

Budget (updated prevision)

  • licenses, security measures, bills: €2000
  • showers and toilets: €2400
  • logistics: €1300
  • action: €500
  • others (travel costs of invited speakers, unexpected costs etc.): €2200
  • TOTAL: €8400


  • Supporting organizations (Linha Vermelha, Climáximo, Academia Cidadã, Tamera, GAIA, Slow Motions Tours): €790
  • Lush: €3500
  • Het X-Y Actiefonds: €800
  • Benefit events (as of July 12th): €2105
  • TOTAL: €7195


The food costs will be €5600 for the entire camp. As you know, this is the value we ask you to transfer as part of your registration. If everyone send the money on time, food will not be part of our budget concerns for all practical purposes (because everyone who will eat would have paid for their own food). However, if there is a mismatch in values, the camp organization will assume the error. We will definitely not leave the generous and wonderful kitchen collective in a difficult situation.