Affinity Groups

In actions of civil disobedience with many people, past experience has shown that we need affinity groups to take care of each other. We will organize the action of Camp-in-Gás using this tool. For this reason: create a group of 4 people so you participate in the action together.

Why affinity groups?

During actions, it is important to have a group of people with you that you can trust and count on. We form these affinity groups so you discuss your boundaries, feelings, needs and expectations. Affinity groups are the basis of mass actions.

Guidelines for Affinity Groups (Ende Gelände’s document): Checklist-affinity-groups

Do we have to stay together the whole time?

We propose affinity groups to work as a collective reflection tool throughout the camp.

During the action, you can subdivide into pairs/buddies, who would stick to each other at all circumstances. If something happens to one of you -injury, detention etc.- the buddy of that person can support them. The other people of the group can decide if they want to go on or if they want to stay behind. When at the action spot, you can discuss together and decide on next steps.

During the action, we will organize delegate plenaries. So it’s important that you choose a person to represent your group in the plenary.-

Who are the right people for my affinity group?

Often affinity groups are formed based on level of experience. But this is not necessary. What is more important is that you have a shared vision about the action and that you trust each other. What are your expectations? What are your boundaries?

Getting to know each other is essential to take decisions and to enjoy your time. So please take time to discuss before the action.

How can I find my affinity group?

Ask around: who is going to Camp-in-Gás? What ideas do they have about the action? Perhaps they coincide with yours!

At the beginning of the camp as well as during the action training, we will create some spaces to form affinity groups. Even so, we suggest that you find your buddy beforehand, so you can then look for another pair to form an affinity group.