#11 – Preparativos Finais

The camp is around the corner and you can already see sessions description that will fill the program.

The space that ABAD is going to lend us is already drawn to welcome us, the only thing missing is to set it up. For the program we have designated spaces, named after various key personalities in the climate activism world and beyond that, such as the brazilian Marielle Franco and Samir Flores, the Nahuatl activist. So that everyone finds the right spot, there is a beautiful map of the camp, and in case it is not clear enough Muriel and Sinan were in the terrain and recorded some fantastic videos where they describe where each thing will be and they will work.The map is by the end of the email and all of this can be checked here!.

The benefit agenda is the final lap but not finished, so book in your agenda:

5th July, 20:00, Zona Franca nos Anjos | Jantar Benefit + concerto Ruben Leonardi (YES, TODAY!!!)

7th July, 19h30, Casa da Hora, Porto | Jantar Benefit + Hiperactivandote!!!

12th July, 21h30, Crew Hassan | Music for Action Reloaded // Concerto Benefit

And to close the planning there is a last meeting:

11 de Julho, 19h00, CIDAC | Work Meeting

If you don’t kn

ow yet how to reach Bajouca check the information on how to arrive , where you can see our buses between Pombal and ABAD. As you will see during the action preparation we will work through affinity groups, that will help us accomplishingour camp defining beautiful action.

And as it cannot be missed, social networks are key, so keep our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and ofcourse #campingas.

See you soon,


(Português) #9 – Música, Dança e (muita) Comida


The registrations for are ongoing on the website: https://camp-in-gas.pt/inscricoes/ .Given that the Camp’s team needs to know how much food to order and the available space is limited enrolling is mandotory to be in the Camp ;).

Meanwhile the benefit agenda as been ongoing, check our social media to know whats happening Facebook, Instagram,Twitter.

If you did not make it yet do not worry, as the agenda is on fire, we have confirmed for short:

9th of june, 17h00-00h00, NOW Beato | Dance for Action

10th of june, 14h00-00h00, Anjos 70 | Music for Action

 15th of june, 20h00, Zona Franca nos Anjos | Dinner for Action with Concert

 20th of june, 20h00, Disgraça | Dinner for Action

Do you want to help preparing the camp? For all this agenda to come into being lotsa help is needed! If you are interested in helping in the events and other stuff such as communication show up in the next volunteer meeting: 

13th of june, 19h00, CIDAC | Volunteer meeting in Lisbon 

Hopefully see you there 😉