Portugal there are existing four combined-cycle power plants, which should be closed in the next decades. The government and the companies have to conduct massive developments in the renewable energies directed to the workers of these power plants. Preparing the workers is the first step for transition.

The combined-cycle power plants are presented as changeover from coal to neweable energies, which have to be sustained by the electric system due to its varying production in time. But, in fact, no significant differences between coal and gas are confirmed, neither in the balance of the electric network nor in the reduction of emissions.

The combined-cycle power plants in Portugal are functioning just very little but the EDP, Endesa and the REN, as well as the government are not becoming tired of praising ther qualities and their vital importance for the electric system. They even want to increase the oversized number of power plants in the power system.

The discourses of decarbonisation of the economy are only words without any real and true meaning, so they envisages a distant future, obviously, the party which proposes them does not predispose to act in its time and electoral window. Therefore, these proposals of decarbonisation are not involving any planning or preparation.