Transparent Budget

Budget (as of September 2nd)

  • licenses, security measures, bills: €530 (initial prevision: €2000)
  • showers and toilets: €2270 (initial prevision: €2400)
  • logistics: €1380 (initial prevision: €1300)
  • action: €900 (initial prevision: €500)
  • others (travel costs of invited speakers, , accountant, unexpected costs etc.):: €830 (initial prevision: €2200)
  • TOTAL: €5910 (initial prevision: €8400)


  • Benefit events: €2100
  • Donations during the camp: €2700
  • Lush: €3500
  • Het X-Y Actiefonds: €800
  • TOTAL: €9100


Food costs were €6000 in total, which were paid entirely by registration payments. This part of the budget had a final result of net zero.


– Considering the final positive balance, the coordination decided to support some of the volunteers by a modest contribution amounting to half their food costs (a total of €220, included in the line “others”).

– This version of the budget is still not final. We still have to recover some materials that we already had (so we didn’t buy them for the camp) but need to be substituted due to wear and tear.

– We are also having an ongoing discussion on how to make us of the remaining amount, in order that the entire climate justice movement can benefit from it (and not only the organizations involved in the preparations). More specificaly, we bought the following items so far:

  • projector: €580