Why this initiative?

Science is telling us that the climate doesn’t bear any single new fossil fuel infrastructure anymore. The already existing infrastructures are more than sufficient to go beyond the point of no return in the climate crisis. We know nowadays that we have to cut off more than 40 % of the greenhouse gas emissions till 2030 in order to keep the temperature increase of the planet lower than 1,5°C. In other words… in less than 12 years! For this reason there is only one possible conclusion: Investing in fossil gas means investing in climate chaos!

In 2015 there have been given 15 concessions for the exploration of fossil fuels in Portugal and in several parts of the country groups and movements against this exploration were born. Ever since we achieved to cancel 13 of the 15 oil and gas contracts! The year 2018 has been marked by a victory that echoed in the hearts of all the people of this social movement: the borehole in Aljezur has been canceled. Now there are only the two gas contracts in Aljubarrota and Bajouca left. Can you smell the victory?

We have to stop all the new projects of fossil fuels and we have to start a fast and fair energy transition to renewable energies. In many countries, actions of this type are emerging, there is appearing a synergy of social mass movements to stop all these new projects! All of us should be part of this movement, it is a unique chance to maintain our planet liveable, let us win now!


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