All you need to know about Camp-in-Gás

What is this?

We are organizing an action camp against fossil gas and for climate justice this summer. It is the first action camp and the first mass climate camp in Portugal


To avoid irreversible climate change, we must stop burning fossil fuels in a couple of decades. Instead, Australis Oil & Gas wants to have a new gas drill in Central Portugal to build yet more fossil fuel infrastructures. There is a project, set for 2019, to drill in Bajouca and Aljubarrota. This is resources invested in climate chaos, and it must be stopped.


July 17-21, 2019.


Bajouca, in the Leiria district. We will be hosted by the marvellous Associação Bajouquense para o Desenvolvimento – ABAD in the Pisão locality. This is just a few kilometres away from the drilling site.


Grassroots organizations are preparing the camp with the local population. At the moment, more than 10 groups are involved in the preparations. You can see the updated list of organizers and supporters on our website.

What kind of activities should I expect?

We will have a full program of workshops, concerts, talks and action trainings. We will share experiences and skills with each other.

At the end of the camp, we will organize a mass action against the gas project.

Should I come?

Yes, particularly if you have never been involved in anything like this before. We will have all kinds of training you may need.

Can I just show up?

This is tricky one, and the answer is Yes and No.

In principle, you can just show up and register at the welcome tent.

However, we have limited space for sleeping tents and the kitchen collective might not guarantee food for you.

We will open the registrations on May 20th, so please register as soon as possible so we know what to count on.

How is it organized?

We organize the camp through regular open assemblies. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get informed about when and where the next one will be.

Can I help?

Yes please. We will need loads of hands to set up the camp, to manage the space, to take care of each other and the place we are in, at the welcome tent, with logistics, with translation, at the kitchen, and everywhere you could help.

In the registration form, please let us know of your availability and interests, and we will contact you.

If you want to help in the earlier stages of preparation, show up at the open assemblies.

How to get there

There are buses to Monte Redondo and Leiria, and a train connection to Pombal. We are now trying to arrange shuttle buses to the camp site.

Some activists are also organizing a bike tour from Aveiro until the camp.

What to bring

You should bring your tent, sleeping bag and mattress.

In July, you might need a hat, sun cream and a water bottle. Also, bring pants and some clothes with long sleeves for the action.

For the action bring pants and some long sleved clothes, and if you have it, an umbrella in good state that you do not need and a small plant sprayer (yes, the kind you use for gardening).

Some activities may require special materials, please read the program carefully before leaving home.

Pay particular attention to forest fires

July is a tricky month and we must be very careful with forest fires. There will be extremely restricted smoking areas and each of us needs to pay attention to any subject out of place.

The beautiful terrain of ABAD is also next to a small river, which we should not pollute.

What about costs?

There is no entrance fee for the camp itself. We try to make sure that everyone (with or without monetary capacity) can do climate activism.

We are using solidarity networks to find as much of the materials as we can, in an attempt to avoid buying things. For inevitable costs, we are applying for funds. We will keep you posted.

However, food costs money. We predict around 10€ per person per day. With the exception of the opening Wednesday which will have only dinner, and the Sunday which will have only breakfast and lunch: for these two days, we predict 5€ per person. The registrations will be open on May 20th. If you want to make sure you have food at the camp, please fill in accordingly and transfer the money so we can buy the vegetables. The later we buy the vegetables, the more expensive they will be, so we might charge to more for later registrations.

This is only for the kitchen collective. If you would like to contribute for the self-financing of the camp, please come to the welcome tent and leave a donation.

What kind of food?

The kitchen collective Caldeira Negra will cook vegan, local and organic food for everyone. And they will need many hands to chop the veggies, serve the dishes and wash the plates. Keep an eye on the charts in the welcome tent, and help out whenever you can.